Tuesday, June 9, 2009

六月活動:IMAX電影—變形金剛二 June:IMAX Movie- Transformer II



10:30AM—我們將在 Downtown St. Petersburg Five Guys Burger用餐。這家餐廳離Baywalk電影院只有兩個block,步行即可到達。(地址:111 3rd Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701)
11:30—我們將在 Baywalk Movico 20電影院門票販售處前集合購買門票,我們預計會在11:40分提早入座所以不要遲到喔!(地址:151 2nd Ave North. St. Petersburg, FL 33701 )
@費用:$6-$9 at Five Guys Burger. Ticket 約$10. 同樣的如果是第一次參加青青團契的活動,不用支付任何費用。



Dear all,

Finally the long wait is over. This month we will go to movies, Transformer II: Revenge of the Fallen, and we are going to watch the IMAX version of the movie! :-) How exciting!! Listed below are information of this month.

**Date: Saturday 6/27/2009
**Schedule and Activities:
10:30am-we will gather at Five Guys Burger which is 2 blocks away from Baywalk for early lunch. (Address: 111 3rd Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701)
11:30am-at Baywalk Movico 20 (address: 151 2nd Ave North. St. Petersburg, FL33701), we will gather at the front of theather ticketing booth. For best seating, we plan to enter theather by 11:40am, so don't be late!!
**Cost: $6-$9 at Five Guys Burger. Ticket cost around $10. If this is your first time join us, your cost is free. :-)
**Additional information: It is recommended to park at Movico parking gargage then walk to Burger place. :-)
**This movie is rated at PG13 so all kids must be accompanied with audlt.

Please feel free to contact us TCBCQQ@gmail.com for question. Thank you!


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